• Money and Benefits

    Last year we helped over 250 people claim over £660,000 in benefits and to save over £16,000 on fuel bills. Could we help you or someone you know?

    Money and Benefits
  • Mental Health Carers

    Mental health problems affects one person in three in Scotland. Mental Health Carers can be very isolated and struggle to cope with their loved one’s depression or erratic behavior. We have a dedicated worker to support Mental Health Carers.

    Mental Health Carers
  • Stress / Poor Health

    Carers often have poor health themselves and are frequently under a great deal of stress. We can help as a listening ear and provide support on techniques to manage stress. We can also help carers get the support they need from their GPs and others.

    Stress / Poor Health
  • Support Groups & Workshops

    We run a range of monthly support groups for carers across East Lothian and workshops and events to help ensure carers have the information they need. All these are friendly and welcoming and a good chance to meet other carers.

    Support Groups & Workshops
  • Power of Attorney

    Power of Attorney is important for people who are becoming less able. It can allow a friend or family member to manage their affairs and make decisions when they are no longer able to do so. We can provide information and help complete forms for FREE.

    Power of Attorney

Who are carers?

husband caring for wife, 50s

Carers are people who provide help and support to a friend, neighbour or relative who could not manage otherwise because they are frail, have a long term illness or disability.

How we can help

power of attorney

About CoEL

Carers of East Lothian supports all adults in a caring situation in East Lothian to get information and services to help their individual caring role, enhance their own wellbeing, and strengthen their collective voice to improve services.

Our latest news


Free Carers Day Out in Gifford

Join us in celebrating Carers Week 2016 on Thursday 9th June! After meeting for morning coffee/tea we’ll have a guided walk around the village of Gifford with a countryside ranger, followed by lunch. This is a great chance to meet other people who are caring for someone, learn about local plants and wildlife and be…